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Monday, November 28, 2011

ICD-10-PCS Root Operations

SWFC wants to help you understand the new coding system coming our way on 10/01/2013, so today I am going to talk a little about "root operations." Here are some words that will be used to locate "root operations" in ICD-10-PCS. Something we will all need to get used to using.

Excision: removal of, cutting out/off some of the body part without replacement (excision of skin lesion)
Resection: removal of, cutting out/off all of a body part without replacement (splenectomy)
Detachement: removal of, cutting out/off an extremity only at any level with replacement (above the knee amputation)
Destruction: eradication of some/all of a body part without replacement (fulguration of endometrium)
Extraction: pulling off/out of some/all of a body part without replacment (Suction Dilation & Curettage)

Keep your eye on this blog for more information regarding root operations in ICD-10-PCS by Ms. B and
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